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Why should you select Brentwood Properties to sell your building?

Brentwood Properties has specialized in the sale of commercial buildings for more than twenty-five years. Simply stated, through our market knowledge, contacts and organized professional marketing programs, we can get you the best price in the minimum time frame.

How does Brentwood Properties do this?

Data Collection - Brentwood Properties will collect extensive information regarding your property, including utility availability (sewer, water and electrical), proximity to existing or proposed roads, taxes, drainage, topography, and other pertinent information. We will then establish, after consultation with you, an optimum asking price and marketing program.

Implementation - Our objective is to get you the most money (whether you are selling or leasing) in the shortest time. In order to do this, we must expose your property to the largest number and qualified buyers. We do this by:

  • Creating, printing and distributing an appropriate professional flyer or brochure to interested or potentially interested parties.
  • Initiating personal and telephone contacts with target purchasers, both locally and out-of-town.
  • Providing information to more than 100 commercial sales associates in Birmingham, through the Commercial Investment Listing Service.
  • Informing, through our in-house mailing system, firms of the Birmingham Real Estate Brokerage Community with whom we fully cooperate (more than 65% of all commercial real estate transactions are co-brokered).
  • Erecting a Brentwood Properties Company sign and logging and responding immediately to all telephone inquiries.

What about leasing?

Leasing requires the same basic marketing strategies and implementation as sales, but with a slightly different set of prospects and data requirements. As in sales and development, experience, knowledge and effort are the keys to success.

What else does Brentwood Properties do for you?

Representation - We represent you exclusively, not the buyer. Of course, we wish to always be fair and honest with potential buyers or tenants, but our fiduciary relationship is with you.

Time - We devote 100% of our time to the sale, leasing and development of commercial real estate. All day, every day.

Responsibility - You have one person responsible for marketing your property who evaluates and presents all offers and queries.

Experience and Skill - Brentwood Properties annually generates more than $5 million in real estate transactions. This day-to-day experience and market knowledge results in quicker consummation of sales and our negotiating skills insure better terms for you.

Relationship - We have intimate knowledge of the needs of investors, developers and potential purchasers, both domestically and internationally, and almost weekly contact with many of them.

Service - Your relationship will not end but just begin, when your property is sold or leased. Brentwood Properties will continue to keep you informed of opportunities in the real estate market according to your requirements.

In summary

Your selection of Brentwood Properties to market your property will secure the resources, contacts and market knowledge of one of the most highly respected commercial real estate firms in Birmingham with:

  • Broad commercial real estate experience
  • Extensive contacts among purchasers and real estate brokers
  • Professionally executed, in-depth marketing programs and the knowledge, skill and resources to quickly and effectively implement them
  • One person responsibility and exclusive representation of your interest to conclude for you, as quickly as possible, the best agreement in today's market
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